How many minutes of yoga a day to lose weight

How many minutes of yoga a day to lose weight

Ananda Surya
Ananda Surya

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it’s never too late to start an exercise program. Starting a physical routine can help reverse some of the problems caused by inactivity and can make you feel good about yourself.

avoid some of the associated weight gain. And in turn, maintaining your weight will prevent certain conditions often related to obesity or being overweight, such as type 2 diabetes, some cancers and heart disease.

aerobic or cardiovascular exercise, which is sometimes called endurance exercise, because you are supposed to do it for at least 10 minutes. During aerobic exercise, your heart rate and breathing should increase, but not so much that you can’t carry on a conversation with someone next to you. Walking, jogging or swimming are examples of aerobic exercise.

balance. As you age, your risk of falling increases. Exercises that help improve or maintain balance can reduce the risk of falling. A balance exercise can be as simple as standing on one foot.

Facial Yoga to eliminate double chin

Illustration: Africa PitarchSetu Bandha Sarvangasana (or bridge pose) «It facilitates the strength of the back and opening of the front, so it helps to compensate the effect of gravity and that we do not curve forward. At the same time, it is an opening of the hips that facilitates the fluidity of movements in our actions and an opening of the heart, developing affection for others,» explains the expert. In addition, this asana can be combined with Matsyasana or fish pose, with which we will obtain «a profound effect on the throat and neck, facilitating communication and opening what is known as the mouth of God, which is the receiving center of energy that is distributed throughout the body».Supta Badakonasana or hip opening

Illustration: Africa PitarchSupta Badakonasana (or hip opening) «With the arms stretched above the head, this posture relaxes the chest and hips, and opens what is known as the minor chakras,» says Jordi Canela. As a result, it will bring us «a deep relaxation, facilitating an awareness of openness and developing an intelligence of the favorable environment».Most viewedApanasana or knees to chest

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Going for a run because we had enough of bad food yesterday doesn’t quite work like that. It’s normal to have some guilt about overindulging in junk food, but going for a run isn’t going to make up for a fast-food binge.

But it’s not the calories that are the issue, it’s the type of low-quality nutrients we’ve taken in and the good-quality nutrients we’ve missed out on. And, also, the hormonal and metabolic response that our body has had to that food, something that exercise can no longer remedy in the past.

Of course, it is better to go for a run the next day than to stay on the couch. But what we want to show is that the usual behavior of going for a run or doing sport to compensate for bad eating behavior does not work, especially in the long term.

The food-exercise binomial is very important and must be in harmony. If sport can partly alleviate the negative effects of a bad diet, imagine what it can do for our health if we have a healthy diet on top of it. It is as important what we eat as how much we move (although to lose weight it seems that diet has more weight).

Facial Yoga benefits

Instagram is the most visited social network and it can also be the perfect medium to help you lose weight and take care of yourself. There are tons of accounts of nutritionists, personal trainers or influencers sharing their tricks to take care of themselves. But, there are so many that… who to choose? Who is really reliable? Especially if you decide to follow one of their paid programs.

This is the personal trainer that Carmen Navarro, Director CN Centers (@carmennavarroestetica) follows. «There are very inspiring accounts that I follow to stay in shape mentally and physically, like @crysdyaz, highly recommended for all those people who do a very active physical activity. What I like most about Crys is her informative and very complementary work with ours, as we always advise to combine our treatments with a balanced diet and sport. The sum of the three factors achieves the best results». Carmen also likes the advice of @marialeonstyle, «who combines her magnificent destinations to see the world with a balanced and healthy diet and an active life».

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