Enlightenment yoga in astrology

Enlightenment yoga in astrology

Ananda Surya
Ananda Surya

Guided meditation with visualization of thoughts

This is a topic that I have been thinking about for a long time and I think I’m on the right track, I have finally managed through the physical practice of asanas to reach a local impact project.

The main idea was to share a yoga class and then networking through a brunch, little by little we have been discovering different places of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, surrounded by volcanoes and an icon site for the Mayan people, it is like the concept of karma yoga, give something to the community.

When I refer to taking yoga out of the mat it means as we know that it is much more than postures/asanas, it is a philosophy of life, a way of thinking, but also how it has a direct impact on your physical and mental body and the environment that surrounds you through this continuous practice, understanding yoga with the connection between and for everyone.

I will not be the one to lay the foundations of a good yogi, but when our yogic path begins to be connected to the ego, lack of humility, jealousy, hatred … and other feelings and actions that generate a high load of negative vibrations and lack of respect for our person and others … is when we must put us to breathe and realize if we are off the path.

35.kabbalah course: the kliphos

The themes of his lectures, generally announced in the local press, correspond to the purpose he had set himself since 1945: «One of my earthly missions will consist not only in revealing the keys of Hugolian esotericism but also those of the arcana of St. John and the secrets of Nostradamus».[2] The poem «Auroriana or in the house of my Fairy» (written in April 1928) from Book VIII of Fantasies to reach the end of the 19th century is undoubtedly the subject of this course.

One must certainly treat the poem » Auroriana or at my Fairy’s house» (finished writing in April 1928) from Book VIII of Fantasies to come to understand what F. Brousse conceives as » Aurorian Poetry» (Title of Book VIII). The «divine Poetry» incarnated in the form of a blonde woman, shows the young poet, during an aerial journey, the works of Ronsard, La Fontaine, Victor Hugo and Leconte de Lisle.»[9] The poet asks: «Among these four spirits, which one should I imitate?» The goddess answers: «Judge for yourself»:[10] The poet asks: «Among these four spirits, which one should I imitate?»[11] The goddess answers: «Judge for yourself»:[12] The poet asks: «Among these four spirits, which one should I imitate?»[13] The goddess answers: «Judge for yourself».

The deep meaning of this long poem (916 lines) is that everything dies but is also reborn: «the animal, men and plants» and even the suns: «Yes, the immortal star has died / But the Infinite brings it back to life».[11] It is the idea of a permanent creation, of a perpetual rebirth in the collision of the merging worlds. At the end of his life, François Brousse in the presence of his friends will tell them:

24.curso runas: runa ansuz

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